Frequently Asked Questions

What to Wear

When coming to any glass fusing class, you will need to wear flat closed toe shoes – flip flops/ heels are not allowed into the studio. Trainers are perfect! You should also wear clothes that are either old or not precious as the studio can be dusty and you may get a little messy. You could also bring an apron if you wish. Please tie long hair back. Also, bring a jumper or some layers, as sometimes the studio can get a little chilly. I will provide safety glasses and protective wear should it be necessary for your class, you are welcome to bring your own safety glasses/ equipment should you have them.

All the basic materials, tools and protective equipment required are included in the course fee as specified in the course information – this is plenty to complete the course. Where additional or more specific materials are required, these can be purchased at cost during the class. If you have something very specific that you may require (specific colours etc.) please contact me to ensure that I have this available for your class or I can assist in where you may be able to source these things. For glass club, materials aren’t provided, but I have a large range of glass and accessories that you can purchase.
What to Bring

For most classes, unless stated, you do not need to bring anything with you. But if you have some ideas, please do bring them along for us to discuss the possibilities. You may want to bring your own a notebook and camera to document what you get up to. And if you have your own tools you are welcome to bring them with you too.

Can I use any glass?

We use specific glass within the classes, as each type of glass has different properties. If you wish to bring your own glass for your own projects, please contact me as this may incur additional firing costs, and restrictions due to incompatibility issues.

What is Glass Fusing?
Glass Fusing is the method of working with glass in a cold state and then heating it in the kiln to fuse or bond the pieces together permanently. It can also be known as kiln formed glass or warm glass – it’s called this as we do not use the highest temperatures that are used for blown glass, known as hot glass. I can assure you warm glass is still pretty hot – but would be considered only warm if you were chatting with a glass blower! There a many different techniques that are included within glass fusing, so a number of different temperatures are used within this process, and pieces can be fired a number of times sometimes to achieve a final outcome. For instance you can make a fused glass piece and fire it to bond the pieces together to become one, but you will then need a second separate firing to form this piece into a bowl or shape, as this would require a lower temperature to slump the glass into a form.
Firing and Collection
When working with glass fusing, after the class the pieces need to spend quite some time in the kiln to work their magic and safely come back down to room temperature. This process can’t be rushed, so pieces will not be ready until a few days after a class. You can arrange a collection date with me. Or if more convenient I will be able to package up your pieces and post them to you. This cost varies between classes, depending on what you create.
Do you Have Any Restrictions?

Glass Fusing is suitable for many ages. For my open classes available on the website, students must be aged 14 or over, and under 18s must be accompanied by a participating adult. If you have younger children, I would love to discuss the options with you as I can adapt techniques so they are suitable for little fingers. These classes will be held as private sessions for the group which will need to be accompanied by participating adults. I can’t wait to discuss the options!

My studio is on the ground floor, so nice and easy to access, if you have any mobility issues, please do contact me so we can discuss any additional requirements I can help you with.

Refreshments and Lunch

Tea, Coffee and water will be available throughout the day. But please feel free to bring specific milk/ your favourite non alcoholic drink if there is something you’d prefer. I provide cake/ treat for most classes, these do not include nuts, but I cannot guarantee that they don’t contain traces and am unable to cater for allergies. For classes where there is a lunch break, please bring your own lunch, or I can recommend a lovely independent café in Tewkesbury that you will have time to visit. 

Do you have Parking?

Yes, I do. You are able to park in the car park out the front of the building. This is at your own risk, and on a first come first served basis. It is a shared car park, so there is no guarantee a space will be available. There are side roads not far from the studio should the car park be full – however this isn’t usually an issue.